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The truth has been revealed! What? Aren’t older people allowed to get health insurance before? What does the new law provide? Who will benefit from this? I say this is more beneficial to young people than to old people. From where? Let’s compare the old and new rules to see what has changed. The original regulations contained the phrase “Entry and Exit Age” and stated: “Except as provided in Section 17(i), all health insurance will generally be available to persons who are at least 65 years of age at entry. Here the law states that the maximum age should not be less than 65 years. If the insurance company wants, it can increase this to 75 or 90. However, the minimum age for all policies must be 65.

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What is the new law?

There are no “entry and exit dates” in the new rules. But this is not true. Therefore, starting from this financial year, the upper age limit of 65 will not be applied. This means insurance companies can now set minimum or maximum age limits. Insurance companies can use this change to attract people from all age groups. For example, policies can be created for ages such as 18-40 years old, 40-60 years old, under 30 years old, and over 70 years old. 65 or 30-65 age group. 65 is the upper limit. However, this ban has now been relaxed.

What to do with the old man?

➡ Those who are currently insured and classified as elderly will continue to be covered. It doesn’t affect anything. Elderly people have to pay higher premiums due to their age.

After implementing the new regulations, insurance companies will have the ability to create policies targeting specific age groups. For instance, insurance companies may introduce more policies tailored towards individuals aged 30-50. Consequently, individuals aged over 60 will be ineligible for these policies and will need to enroll in a separate policy designed for their age bracket. (Please note that the changes only impact new purchases of health insurance policies.)


But here comes Volunteer events for all ages. For example, a company may start selling policies to the 18-30 age group in one policy and to the 30-50 age group in another. In this case, a 32-year-old man will not be able to enjoy the same terms and conditions or benefits as the 18-30 age group. But these days people should not panic or jump to conclusions about anything. Insurance companies will do the calculations and offer them new and hopefully better solutions tailored to the needs and risks of each age group. On the one hand, we have the working age. But this also means that after a few years the same group will be older.

Thanks to medical and economic advances, people are living longer and longer. Even the elderly do not want to retire at 60. Similarly, Generation Y and Generation Z have different lifestyles. Working remotely, eating clean, and exercising are true but life-changing for many people. Therefore, insurance companies may consider these factors before creating a policy. They can offer discounts for achieving health goals with the help of certain apps. In theory, the new rules will benefit more young people, given the lower risk.

Scope is now fully open. I therefore welcome that this law brings freedom and open government where age is no longer an issue.


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