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AU Credit Card – Features, Benefits and Offersrs/aubank.in

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Credit Cards

Credit Cards gives you the convenience of buying anything beyond your purchase limit. When it comes to digital payments, paying using a Credit Card is quite common these days. Any individual can avail of the card with little paperwork. If you are looking to apply for a Credit Card, you can apply for it with AU Small Finance Bank and take advantage of exciting offers. Let’s get into the details.

What is a Credit Card?

A Credit Card is a financial instrument that lets you perform cashless transactions basis a pre-defined credit limit. The credit limit is defined based on your credit history, income and credit score. It is a great way to build a credit history and provides expanded buying power. From grocery shopping to international trips, AU Credit Cards offer a plethora of privileges. Let’s explore some of the advantages of AU Credit Card.

Benefits of having Credit Cards

At AU Small Bank, we offer many benefits on our Credit Cards. Here are some of the perks you can enjoy:

Instant & easy access to credit: This is one of the most significant advantages of a Credit Card. Anyone with a card can perform cardless transactions without worrying about cash. It works on a deferred payment basis, which means you can use your card now and pay later.


Cashback & reward points: AU Credit Card are packed with exciting offers. These range from cashback benefits to reward points accumulation every time you swipe your card for utility bill payments, grocery payments, payments in departmental stores or others. These can be redeemed later for buying anything or paying outstanding dues.

Purchase Protection: If your card is stolen, misplaced or damaged, complimentary card liability cover will help you recover the loss. If you own a Zenith, Vetta or Altura Plus Credit Card, you can avail Comprehensive Insurance Coverage on your Card.

Interest-free period: Credit Cards come with an interest-free period that could range between 45-60 days. During this period, if you purchase anything, interest will not be levied provided you pay the Credit Card bill on the repayment due date.

Other Credit Card benefits: AU Small Finance Bank Cardholders can enjoy various lifestyle benefits on shopping, wellness, entertainment, etc. Apart from this, Credit Cardholders also get Complimentary Airport Lounge Access.

How does a Credit Card work?

When you avail any AU Credit Card, it comes with a pre-defined credit limit. Once you purchase anything offline, the card is swiped, and the required amount gets deducted from the prescribed limit. You can also use the card for online shopping and cardless payments. For this, you need to select Credit Card at the time of payment at checkout. The amount you utilise on the card needs to be paid every month on a particular due date. It is advisable that you pay the entire bill on the due date rather than paying the minimum amount. If you have a habit of paying only the minimum amount, it can lead to outstanding dues. Moreover, a high interest keeps accruing on the outstanding balance.

Types of Credit Card at AU Small Finance Bank

Zenith: This is a premium Credit Card offered by us that provides a range of benefits, offers, and travel benefits.

Vetta: Enjoy a host of benefits on Vetta Credit Card. Get lifestyle benefits, global concierge services, accelerated reward points and complimentary lounge access for airport and railways.

Altura Plus: Apply for the Altura Plus Credit Card with us and avail of numerous milestone gains, cashback, and reward points. There is no capping on reward points, and you can redeem them anytime.

Altura: If you are looking for a Credit Card that suits your spending habits, then our Altura Credit Card is the one for you. Get additional benefits such as cashback, complimentary car liability cover, railway lounge access, among others. With the Altura Credit Card, you don’t have to think twice before spending on the things you love!

Offers available on Credit Card

With AU Small Finance Bank, you get the opportunity to avail the best Credit Card deals and take advantage of the attractive offers across categories like shopping, travel, dining, healthcare, entertainment, education, international offers and more. There are hundreds of deals and offers from top brands like MakeMyTrip, Dominos, Inox, Vijay Sales, Myntra, BigBasket, Snapdeal, JioMart, and many more.

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